Grilling Sauces & Marinades
New to grilling sauces?  Step into a whole new world of flavor. Marinate your meat 12 to 24 hours before grilling/cooking & then baste while grilling & after taking off the fire.  Let rest - then carve & serve. This adds a special layered effect and real PUNCH to every bite!
Barbeque Sauces

The 4 S's take center stage here - savory, smoky, sweet and spicy!  Jack's barbeque sauces are each created with special and unexpected ingredients not found in regular barbeque sauces - like mustard & coffee. They'll ZING your tastebuds!

This perfect combo of spices and flavors are added dry to your meats 24 hours before grilling or smoking. The combo LOCKS in the meat's juices and forms a savory-sweet crust for your masterpiece.
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Apply liberally to pork or poultry after removing from grill or oven - it’s fantastic on ham. Invite the family and friends over to help you CONQUER it all!
Above: Tailgating!  Ribs & chicken get the royal treatment with Spanish Jack's Cranberry Grilling Sauce.  Go TEAM!
Above:  Spanish Jacks - the perfect gift!
Spanish Jack's Fine Foods