Grilling Sauces & Marinades
New to grilling sauces?  Step into a whole new world of flavor. Marinate your meat 12 to 24 hours before grilling/cooking & then baste while grilling & after taking off the fire.  Let rest - then carve & serve. This adds a special layered effect and real punch to every bite!
Barbeque Sauces

The 4 S's take center stage here - savory, smoky, sweet and spicy!  Jack's barbeque sauces are each created with special and unexpected ingredients not found in regular barbeque sauces - like mustard & coffee. They'll zing your tastebuds!

This perfect combo of spices and flavors are added dry to your meats before grilling or smoking. The combo locks in the meat's juices and forms a savory-sweet crust for your masterpiece.
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Above: Tailgating!  Ribs & chicken get the royal treatment with Spanish Jack's Cranberry Grilling Sauce.
Above:  Spanish Jacks - the perfect gift!
Spanish Jack's Fine Foods