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If you are in the general Tulsa vicinity (within 30 miles) we can arrange to deliver your order to you.
When you order, shipping charges will apply, but we'll credit them immediately and work with you to arrange delivery at your convenience.  Email (spanishjacks@cox.net) us with any questions. 

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1. Spanish Jack Gift Pack - 4 Pack

A perfect gift! You'll get four 16 ounce products - Grilling Sauce (pick Cranberry, Blueberry or Mango), Barbeque Sauce (pick Coffee or Mustard) and we'll add an Apricot Glaze and Red Devil Rub!


2. Grilling Sauce - 16 Ounce

Perfect accompaniment for beef, pork or chicken - choose from cranberry, blueberry or new MANGO flavor base (no kidding!)


3. Barbeque Sauce - 16 Ounce

This is not your ordinary barbeque sauce! Surprising and unusual flavor bases (coffee or mustard) are robust and tangy - enhances any grilled or smoked meat.


4. Jack Glaze - 16 Ounce

Sweet and tangy with an apricot flavor base, Jack Glaze brings out the flavor of chicken or pork. Just baste liberally onto your grilled or smoked sensations after removing from the grill or smoker and serve!


5. Red Devil Rub - 16 Ounces

Great blend of savory, sweet and hot flavors and spices in rub form - just apply a thick coat to beef or pork before grilling or smoking to seal in juices and form a crispy, flavorful crust.


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